September 22



To think, speak then act is probably an automated response in the human experience. You think I want to go out, you tell someone you going out and then you go out. Simple…..

I think the greatest divide is caught in the difference between those three separate processes.

What we think, I mean really think, we never say. What we say, we hardly do. What we do is sometimes not what we thought. We never thought we would ever do that.
How could I think that?
Why did we say that?
I never meant that….

I believe what you do

A lot of things happen in life and we believe a lot of things. The trouble is most of it is an illusion and not real. And we seem to be okay with believing that illusion because it gives us a feeling of security. We tell the people “whatever you have to believe in order to get things done”. Because getting things done is the top order of the day in all cases.
But the truth of the matter is, that what you do is ultimately what you really believe. Whether that is based on actual truth, mmmmmm we would have to check that. Results in any particular area does not always define the truth to be so. You could be very wrong and still get the outcome you wanted.

This is often why many just plod along, they get what they want….. money, the husband, the girl, the wife, the job, the promotion. As long as they don’t know its fine. Well at some point you will have to face the truth….you will….it takes either a short time or a very long time to come around, but you will have to face the truth.

Just “eat that frog”. Get it out of the way. Life is simply too short to keep running and avoiding the truth and being honest.

Scripture says the truth will set you free, but honesty will give you rest on the inside. I mena rest to live from the inside out. Facing what you want to be and making your actions match up is probably the hardest thing, but would you rather be a snake oil sales person?

Its a weapon in your hands. Knowing that people act what they believe rather than what they say. Colleges, universities, schools, and various institutions are filled with people talking and convincing you to learn their ways. You pay a huge sum of money to be there and listen and theorise. You discuss concepts, ideas and then you leave.

Now if what you thought and said were all that counts, success would be granted immediately from that point would it not?

Yet half of those graduates end up as employees that are very unhappy in their careers. On the other end of the spectrum people who hardly even complete their studies, get and idea and just do it. And they make it.

I don’t mean that thinking is the poorer option or education. Discussion is also good. But if these things do not match up to what you do, then you really don’t believe it. And the true change in this world is always made by those that believe and do.

You decide…


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