July 7


to be honest…..

I have never really been a person for meaningless statements. In fact on a normal day I don’t talk much.
That does not mean I cannot talk nonsense, I have a degree in nonsense talk….. You may apply if you want to learn..

I can however assure you that, when I say I will do something, it is as good as done. But not everybody does that these days. The culture of today is rather fickle and its rather hard to take somebody seriously at their word. It is flimsy, but what can one do? Now it is a matter of looking at context and area of life when somebody tells me something they will do.

I guess I am a rather cynical person because I have distilled it to the point of I don’t believe anyone means anything and I am surprised if they follow through.


We say so many things like, “how are you?” and we get so shocked when the person starts unpacking how they are…..
We say let’s do coffee…..and months later you never did.
We say “I’ll pray for you…..” and you know you don’t.

It is almost like we think we can just say the thing we think the other person needs to hear and that let’s us off the hook. We made them feel better…. Yay for us.

“To be honest”. This is a phrase I truly despise. I know it is an adverbial disjunct (the technical term for it), but its annoying. Should I conclude that unless you say “to be honest” that everything else you say is a lie?

honesty lies

Perhaps it is because I take my word seriously. I guess that is a challenge for someone out there. You can take me up on that. If I give a yes, I will do it.
And this filters into every level of communication for me. I am the most contactable person, you can pretty much get me on every platform, not 24/7 (yet lol).
Which describes my other irritation in life. Technology is not good for this frustration. You can see when a message is delivered as well as read. You can setup read receipts, and one wonders why people never respond.

You send out emails and no one responds. I can understand this maybe in a social setting, but businesses do this too. You come to a live chat and you just know this is an automated response because you type in a question and twiddle your thumbs for 15 mins and no answer.
Its mean, and demeaning.
Its not being a human.

We expect our wants and requests to be done….now, but we don’t give a rat’s behind for the next person’s wants or needs.

To be honest……I don’t think we know how anymore. To be honest I mean.

My rant is almost over (I have one a year okay).

I have calmed down on this over the years. I used to take people at their word, and boy its not healthy to do that hey.

My challenge to you, when you say something that is remotely a promise, try and do it. Just for a week. But really try it. Don’t let yourself off the hook.

the honest one


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