March 19


Value blindness


Most of us don’t see life like that picture. Well that’s not true, most of us do, we just would never admit to it. I am convinced that most of us are unable to correctly assess value. I am sure that would kick most of our defenses up, and I will hear the phrase “But I see just fine”….

If that were truly the case, then the world would look different. The truth is, that we mostly are quite blind, and even more so because we very rarely will admit to it….

Let me explain….

A girl sits in a room full of people and in walks a guy, now the odds are against the guy. Firstly he has to look the part, then he has to say the right thing and then he has to maintain that for a bit.

I am not saying all women do that, and if I had flipped the situation the guy would do the same.

What I am trying to get across here, is that we start evaluating people by what they are not, instead of allowing for an open objective view. Blindness, we normally only associate with the people who literally cannot see, but seeing with your eyes only can be far more detrimental for you.

It angers me when people who occupy the higher positions have value blindness. It is a crippling blow to a leader to sit with this disease, and yes it is a disease. It will rob this person from allowing the truly great to walk out of his/her life and not even be aware of it….

We are stuck behind titles and positions and types of clothing and the way we talk. The way we present ourselves and the list goes on, yet no one bothers to look a bit further than their nose. We just do not see value.

Look in history, all the great people, almost all of them were never accepted at their time. The likes of, Martin Luther, Jesus, Galileo, Martin Luther King…………you could add some here I am sure.

Its like we are doomed to not see what we should see…….I hope for us to “see” really “see”. Further than what we currently see…..

I beg of you, do not walk around and only see what you want to see, see first what is, then see what you cannot see…….

Sounds cryptic, but you need to see……really see….


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