August 31


What type of con are you?

We are all cons.

Now that I have your attention. Let me explain.

There are 2 types of cons in the world.

A Consumer

and a…….

A Contributor

I would go as far as to say that those 2 categories apply to all areas in life.
With regards to work, play, relationships, church, family, friends, love, etc…..

A consumer is someone who uses things to their own benefit. Which we all do to some degree. But what I am referring to is someone who this description seems to define them. They only look out for “numero uno” and even use people to get what they want.
They even walk into a relationship with someone to get something from them.

A contributor on the other hand is someone that brings something to the table. They do not expect others to “solve them”. They bring something to everything. In a relationship they know they have value and can add value.

Which are you?



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  1. I’m a contributor, now, honey – but, holy hell, did I have to earn it. Do you think consumers are born or made? As in, do we raise our children to be consumers unconsciously, as members of predominantly capitalist society? Or do you think there is a base ethic, a natural human tendency, toward consumerism?

  2. I think we are born consumers, But I do not think we are intended to be or remain consumers. I say this as a statement applied to culture now specifically.

    To give an example, musicians these days complain that they cannot hear themselves in their monitors. They constantly ask for “more me”. Yet when bands first started to play lets say about 50 years ago, they never had sophisticated monitoring like today, yet they played well together. Because they listened to each other rather than just themselves.

    I think humanity has become consumeristic (if there is such a word). But we are not meant to be, we are meant to need each other and work together.

    There is a name for a growth that just takes for itself without regard for the rest and works against the whole, its called cancer. Consumerism eats away at our future and connected life and is a sickness which I think we hardly notice, since its flavour of the day. And we can get what we want when we want.

    Shoo this comment is beginning to become a post in itself, but thats my opinion on this.

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