August 24


When a 5 equals a 10……

I have to admit, I watch rom coms, its my flaw in life okay…………. I cannot help it that I like comedies and if it has the romantic touch it does not bother me.

But I watched “She’s out of my league” the other day. I told you I watched Rom Coms. It was hilarious, I was cracking myself up. Yes it was one of those movies where you can crack yourself up all on your own.

I will try and not spoil the movie for you in case you have not seen it yet. But basically an airport attendant manages to find himself involved with a girl that is really beautiful and career oriented (in his own estimation).

So he ends up at an ice hockey game on a double date, but at this stage he is completely unaware that it is a date. But what struck me about this part of the movie is that he was completely himself, until he realised that this was a date and the girl was interested in him.

Suddenly all the questions filled his mind, and the friends he had were not helping. They then applied the grading system assuming that she was a 10, then he must be a 5.

The rest of the movie is simply the guy grappling with his difficulty in accepting that she was wanting to be with him.

That’s not what i want to focus on really, but when he had no idea he was on a date. He was not too concerned about what she thought. It is this that I want to focus on. Why are we so concerned about what other people think?

Why suddenly, was this guy comparing and doing calculations and trying to solve the riddle.

I tend to be the same, when no one in particular cares what I am doing, I go about my business. Suddenly someone comes along and notices, suddenly I am wondering what they thinking.

But back to the movie, the very things that the guy feared came true and they broke it off. Let me not go further so as to at least maintain some sort of mystery in the movie.

But point being the very thing we fear tends to come true, not because it was meant to be so, but because we focus on it.
If we are told we are a “5” and start to believe it, and then focus on it and ponder, well we will become and start acting like that 5. When a “10” comes along we reason our way out of there.

So how does a 5 equal a 10?

Don’t make those comparisons. There are no “5”s and “10”s. There is only what you think of yourself and others. No one is forcing you there, we put ourselves there.

No one is out of your league, unless you think so……



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  1. self love and self acceptance the 2 most difficult things we can do for ourselves. If we do not have these 2 we question why anyone else would love us for ourselves. Thanks to the peanut gallery

  2. I hear you bro. The mind is a powerful thing. Reality is what our minds tell us it is. Just like in the Matrix. The thing we have to realise that there is no spoon, and neither a 5 or a 10…

  3. I saw that movie and it is definitely hilarious.

    There are standards out there that society dictates which is completely ridiculous. To get a girl like that I have to have a six pack,a good job, a cool car, etc etc. Sometimes it’s just really tough seeing the competition as well.

    But I agree with Marie’s point, until then we will always look to those standards the world offers.

  4. This is something I recently came to terms with, though not because of a relationship like that (I’m married). I had an issue with some in-laws who basically said I needed to be like “this.” This version of what they thought was an ideal in-law and friend, that;s the equivalent of being a “10.” I wasn’t even a “5” to them; they made it apparent I failed in every way.

    When I realized that didn’t matter at all and that, worse, I was becoming a worse human being and that everything I didn’t want to happen was because I was so focused on not being a “5,” everything just calmed down. I gained appreciation of self, and I think that’s what your post really boils down to — self worth.

    1. Thats it, but it was more fun to hide it in the story. But yes self worth or lack thereof tends to be the lense we look through so it affects everything. What stood out in the movie was that, though nothing changed on the outside, his internal view point disqualified him and it was only a matter of time before it came to reality.

  5. That’s an interesting premise for a romcom. You have a nice way of putting it — no one is really out of one’s league. Hope springs eternal. 😀 The movie’s not yet showing here. Will catch it when it’s here!

  6. Thank you, I think the movie came out in 2009. I am not sure where you live, but here it was on television. If you in the states I am sure it should be freely available by now.

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