February 7


When the Clowns Come Home

Clowns are really strange beings. You ever notice? Their smile never comes off their face.

But not forever……

At some point the mask or makeup will come off, hopefully when they get home. Their safe place.
It makes me think hey. I used to be like that before. Well, not a clown (some would disagree with that, boo to you). What I mean is that no one knew the real me. They only saw the smiley face I gave them.

I have been around christians and the church a while now. I think we have what I would term C.C.S. Christian Clown Syndrome. Ha ha I should patent that one. To clarify my statement. There is an strange need for people to advertise Christ and make Christian life seem better than what it is in order to make the christian life attractive. This leads to people always having a “smile on their face” when presenting the gospel to people who don’t know Jesus.

I suppose there is nothing wrong with that, but it does lead me to question authenticity.
Because I have been around a while, most people are not as happy as we present ourselves to be. So even on an individual level we tend to do this as well. Whether its because we want to appear “spiritual” or simply appear perfect and okay all the time. The smile is not really reflecting you at the time is it…….

Statistics show that there are no less divorces amongst christian married couples, no less depressed christians. I could mention more examples, but I think you would agree by this stage. Of course there are people who are genuine, in no way do I want to say that all are not genuine. I just mean that a large part of people are taught to act like life is better than it is in order “to shine their light”

It is to this particular group of people I am speaking to. You present a smile, but your heart is in pain. When you go home the joy that everyone speaks about, eludes you.

Also when it comes to evangelism it seems so like we trying to sell something we hardly believe in ourselves. Check out the link at the end of the post.

Ok so that is sounding very down, but you know its the truth. And that is what I want to talk about today. When we face the pain that is in our lives and really deal with it then and only then can we find true joy. Then we cease to be “clowns”

Do you have C.C.S.?

I would point out here that life with Jesus is beautiful, but not without pain and its my hope that all people come to know Him, but the real Him.

Here is a post by a real genuine Jesus follower in case you never heard of him, he is Frank Viola. Please read its really good.
here it is


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  1. Yes, I have had C.C.S. multiple times in my life.

    Mostly in the storms when I felt unhappy, angry and just plain low.
    You try to hide your smile from people you do not feel comfortable with, while you take off your mask with your good friends and family.

    To carry a mask protects me to not to share my inner self with all around me, because when I share my inner self with every body I will be very vulnerable of getting hurt easily.

    C.C.S. is therefor a defence mechanism for myself.

    On the other hand, it is nurturing to cry and to let go of emotion as well, but I think we need to be wise to know where and with whom we take off our masks.

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