October 19


When we don’t know, what we don’t know

You walk into the store, you see the thing that you want (well more or less). And you have to have it. Trouble is you not sure which one to take, so you grab a salesperson and proceed to ask them which one they recommend and…………………………….

That is what usually happens hey. And we all do that, but whatever comes out of the salespersons’ mouth will most certainly not be what is best for you. Right?
This is where we don’t know what we don’t know.

I almost never do that, and since google I doubt I ever will. But I know some who do…
It fascinates me that we can sometimes just, not know what we don’t know. It allows us to be manipulated or at least the possibility of being manipulated.

And this rings true for most environments that we find ourselves in. A lot of what we do and say and act, is simply on good faith. We don’t really know what we get ourselves into, in everything.

I do not mean that we must suddenly become all overly cautious and question all things as if they are conspiracies….But it would do us well to simply question what comes in out path. Ultimately it is our lives, no one else can do that for us hey.

I guess I mean we should be more intentional. Don’t leave it up to chance, but be open to possibility.

What do you think?

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  1. We research everything, unless it’s a very minor purchase. It takes forever and it sucks, but as someone who used to work in commission sales I would never go back to just “going with it”. Not if that salesperson has money to make by influencing your choices!

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