February 14



A single word that has huge implications.

One we usually discover early in life. One that divides our connections in the world into 2 halves.

Why……. Because after you ask why, the answer can either be the truth or an answer to silence you for now. We all do it. Our parents did it to silence us for now right?

To a certain extent it never stops. When your questions start poking in areas that make people uncomfortable, the defense is to silence you. Now its teachers, your boss, your CEO, your president, the government……. It never really ceases.

I think as one grows up, you realise that there are less answers than there are questions, and since we don’t like not knowing we come up with these “solutions”…

Why is the world in the state its in?

Why is two thirds of the world in poverty and the other has way more than enough?

Why are children being abused?

Why do we allow things to continue the way they go?

Why is war still happening?

I know we have answers to some of those, but I am sure if you allow yourself to ask some questions and really question, i think ultimately the world will start to change. I think we will cease to just accept that it is the way it is…

the Honest one


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