April 28


your dreams


Today is the last post for the month of April and therefore the end of the look at myths and mis beliefs.

i wanted to end the month on a different note though. I want to chat about our dreams, by dreams I mean our future dreams we had or have. If never acted on they tend to become a myth, in a sense. What do you say?

So I guess my question is. When you were younger and never knew the word “can’t” and never realised that there are things like circumstances. So you remember? Okay, did you do it? What are you doing today?

Now there a few people in my life that have done and are living their dreams, but unfortunately they are in the minority. We tend to make compromises along the way and also life deals a few blows and takes us for a six. That is normal, but there really is no excuse for not living the dreams. Unless of course you are not willing to pay the price it takes.

We all want the quick results, but never the hard work. I know of a few people that received prophecies that they would do albums and blah blah, would sell and so forth. To date, never happened. So the question is, either God lied to these people or something else that is far deeper is going on. Please I do not mean to use this example to describe personal situations, it is rather for a point that I use the example.

I remember when i was fairly new in sound, I had a friend who was so excited to join in sound and really wanted to do sound for bands and so forth. Until he heard the salary…….. suddenly he was not to excited. Then the long hours came and he was not interested anymore.

Now there are many other reasons for dreams not coming to reality, but first reason I would say is definitely the hard work factor. Second the not willing to give up certain things. And mostly what I hear, is excuses about circumstances.

If you want to do music for a living, well if you in Cape Town South Africa, you will battle, but you know there are those that do it. If you want to adventure sports for a living, it may be tough, but there are those that do it.

You want to do art for a living in South Africa, its tough, but you know there are those that have done it.

You want to make and electric car in South Africa, its being done.

Don’t let your dreams become a “myth”.

What your excuse?



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  1. Lynley I must commend you on your outstanding and as always thought provoking bloggs.
    Just this morning I spoke to David whom as you know is keen to study music. My words of advice to him was that with diligence, discipline and hard work he can achieve his dream to become a world renowned drummer.

  2. I think reaching for and working hard at one’s dreams is rather romantic, but there’s a reason that so few people do what they dreamed of doing. I think often times the dream is but an illusion and not really all one ‘dreams’ it would be. Or the dream has to do with one’s identity – a symbol of what one wants to be known as. And along the way the illusion is exposed or one grows beyond the need to be ‘that person’ and grows comfortable in one’s own skin. And sometimes, the price to pay for one’s dreams is really too high. Should one settle for things like relationships, peace and health instead of a dream? And would that really be settling?

    I’m also starting to wonder how long a dream contains its dreamlike quality. Does it really still feel as dreamy when you’re actually living it? Or does it all just boil down to hard work and a reminder now and then that you’ve come a long way?

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