March 17


Seedless Watermelon

You take a bite and…..another bite and another………

But wait….something is strange. There are no seeds in this watermelon. Cooollll

seedless watermelon

Well, seedless watermelon is not a new thing, or any other seedless fruit for that matter. I am sure we have all come across it.

On some pondering on the concept, I struggle with one thing though. If we continually create these non offending fruits. How can there be a future for fruit. Since they soon will all have no seeds or anything bothersome, right?

Which leads me down the path of of concluding that it basically is fruit porn.

ALl the goodies and no baddies. To explain, all the benefits of the good taste and no having to work to separate the seeds or to spit it out. So why fruit porn?
Well is that not the reason people resort to porn. All the things that women/men have to offer without the bothersome thing of having to relate them? Just let us look and marvel/lust after your body and thank goodness I don’t have to deal with the moods and you know feelings of that person….right?

But that is what real life is.

So I ask again, seedless watermelon, seedless grapes……Fat free milk and yogurt (I truly cannot fathom the reason for this godless creation).

Now I know that they don’t really grow plants from seeds much anymore. They use cuttings and essentially clone the previous “seedless” plant.
But I am sure you get what I mean.

It seems we all just want the life we want with as little hassle as possible.

But does it help us?

We need difficulty and unclear moments in order to grow. We need to deal with the fact that there are seeds int he fruit, and as difficult as they are to handle, they provide a future.


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