November 7


The Sea Shell

One day this sea shell arrived on shore fresh from its journeys from who knows where. It was a real eye catching picture and everyone that walked by stopped to take a look and admire it.

Sometimes water would catch it again and it would glisten in the combination of sunlight and water and angle that one looked at it. Its beauty was undeniable and for all to see.

On rare occasions the odd person would pull it to their ear and listen to its music….

Pure bliss, life simply could not get better than this.

Soon the ocean receded for a longer period than normal. The sun beat down on the sea shell with unrelenting rays.

Cracks started appearing. People started walking pass the shell without even a second glance. The shell was still what it was, the beauty a bit faded, but still present…..

When the ocean returned it was rather violent….

The ocean had its way with the shell and burrowed deep into its crevices and churned through what it could…

The shell is but a shadow of what it was, yet somehow if one would stare closely and really search you would see some remnant of its former beauty. Its got a character now, some real life exposure and some stories to tell…..

I am that shell……..



Beauty, Life stories, Life struggles, Sea Shell

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  1. Wow Lynley, it reminds me alot of the Velveteen Rabbit who says that we become “real” only after all our hair has been loved off and we no longer look attractive to the world. Thanks for the reminder of the difficult process and the gem that awaits after the process. I used to feel like Mr Velveteen lol…

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