June 30


The things we hate

Defining things in life are few and far between.

But pretty much all defining moments have intense feelings around them. Either we come across something that we truly hate, or something we cannot do without. It forces us to decide.

Throughout my life, I have lived on both ends. Loving it all, hating it all. Finding middle ground was never my strength in life. Fortunately people appear in life at the right time. I can get carried away in life, but there are some good friends in my life that keep me on planet earth. And quite willing to point out my short comings. Lol, we all need those right?

The things we hate in life, they force us to action. Or I hope not, inaction, defeat, giving up.

I have shared this before, but it was 1998 and I was caught up in the drug scene, and for most part of it I was happy in it. Until I started questioning. I wanted to know if this was it? Was this life? I sat there (okay I paced around) and all the things played around with me. I would amount to nothing, my life was over, I had failed, I was a 20 year old druggie. I would end up homeless, my studies was going nowhere, I worked at pick n pay. Somedays they sent me home because I was not fit to work. And the amount of days I worked while high or drunk was…. well I cannot count them.


I started to hate what was in front of me.

I am not telling you this to depress you, though I am sure I was depressed then. It made me decide to make a change. Granted a few experiences with God and people helped. I was the one that had to make the decision to walk away from everything I knew at that time.

It took the hatred of the situation to create a space for change.

Is there something you hate that much?

What is going on in your life now? Are you aware of the feelings running around in you? Does something you hate in life cause you to want to run away?

Face it. You will run forever until you learn to face it head on. Jumping back to when I decided to change direction in life, it took well over 4 months to work through and find some sort of definitive answer for myself.

My point is that, what seems negative is not always bad for us. Hating a situation can be good for us. As long as it inspires change.

Have you ever wondered how out of the same household some people succeed and the other sibling will flounder in life?

I can with certainty say it has to do with how one deals with defining moments. How one manages those itense moments in life.

Do you cower under pressure or do you rise to the occasion and face it head on.
Running in front of a raging bull is not wise, so pick your battles. Small ones first.

the honest one


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