How it all started

In life we always seek to find a groove that works, and we hold on tightly to that groove. Mostly it is because once we find what works, we struggle to grasp that there are many other ways to do the same thing.

I was at a conference where one of my favourite artist and band was invoted to chat to the worhip teams. A question was posed as to what style the band played. The drummer stammered a bit and sort of came out with ......"Jazz"
Now the music does not realte even remotely to what Jazz is or what we determine Jazz to be.
Basically he was saying that in th ehistory and beginning of what was termed Jazz, was essentially improv. A lot different to what we have today. Jazz standards are an oxymoron. The drummer went on to say that Jazz was that "fresh" part of the music. The part where they are all "there".

And alluding to the idea that all musicians long for that "fresh space". Where it all becomes real and is happening, in the moment.

I thought about that for months after....still to this day.

It struck me, that surely God lives in that "Fresh Space". The now, the real, the tangible....

Join us in the journey of living in the Fresh Space...

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