March 30


access denied

I am sure we all heard this or felt this at some point in our lives. Be it not being allowed into a night club, because you were too young (and I know we all tried at least once).

There are many situations in life that presents environments for rejection. None of us enjoy it though. Its everywhere, relationships that don’t go well, jobs that do not accept you. Families, friends, enemies, colleagues,etc. We are not strangers to rejection…….

I was wondering the other day, where did it all start. I think it started in the Garden of Eden. Before Adam and Eve sinned they never experienced anyone telling them you cannot enter here or there. Now I am not saying that if you were ever rejected, it was because you did a specific sin. Rather its because sin is present in this world and therefore we have rejection.

We have lost the real ability to see the truth, and simple things like trust eludes us. Therefore we cannot take people at their word and we judge intentions according to what we have experienced before. I am probably ranting here, but thats not the way we should be living don’t you think.

My question today is, given that rejection will come your way, how do we deal with it? And in today’s age there are so many levels for rejection to occur too, schools don’t accept you, colleges don’t accept you, universities don’t accept you. And if thats not enough, there is the whole digital world, facebook, sms, emails, all the more mediums for the possibility for access to be denied. It’s not just letters and people, its computers, banks, institutions,etc. How do we deal with it?????

I think, the simplest way is to know what you about, in that way nobody can really judge you wrongly. I mean in terms of your internal life, people will misinterpret, thats what people do. But as long as you know what you are about and who you are, the sting will not be so harsh.

You know that scripture, “Physician, heal thyself.”. Well with rejection “People get to know thyself”.

Just a thought from nowhere in particular.

Also from the next post and the entire month in April I will be spending time on debunking some common myths. Should be fun. Bye for now….



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