October 24


Behind the scenes….

Its my 100th post today…. Yay…

I thought it would be fitting to pull the curtain back a bit and see what thehonestone is really about.
But before we go there lets go to the very beginning…

Click here to visit my very first post way back when I was a newbie in the blogging world.

Ha ha ha…… really weird going back there. So now that you had a good look into my humble beginnings, back to where we are today.

I am a 34 year old guy, single and never been married (ever). That does mean I have never tried….. Lots of heart break stories to tell.

I try to live a healthy life, therefore I make my own ginger beer (from the GB Plant), I ferment my own kombucha (a fermented tea of sorts) and even make kefir (a fermented milk). I also have a little earthworm farm, which lives in an old bath.

I also trade currencies on the forex market, so I guess combine the 2 things and you get a “green capitalist”, although with marginal success in the markets I am not a very good one.

And apparently there is such a thing as a green capitalist.

My blog (thehonestone) I started more because I simply wanted to jot down the ideas (and some frustrations) I have from day to day. At first it was simply an outlet, but it has grown a bit into an “open to discuss” environment, which I thank you all for.
I used thehonestone as my blog name, because I think honesty is severely lacking in the world today, everybody quotes there results and figures and it leaves one left out in the dark and thinking that life is too hard. Or even worse, maybe only the “gifted” make it.

When I say honesty is lacking I include Christianity as a whole here which I suppose is my main reason for commenting on life. I think real honesty is waning in the larger world of Christianity and I hope that will be corrected, every one has their part so hopefully my little contribution will help…….
That said I am never in anyone’s face about beliefs pertaining to God, simply because I think its unnecessary, we are all grown ups here and if you seek truth you will find it (if you seek it). That is not a punt for christianity it simply means I respect your beliefs, so equally I ask people to respect mine. I don’t force mine on people and neither do I expect it from people. Click here to read a series I wrote on a friends blog that more encapsulates what I believe.

i live my life on the basis of the saying, “It is better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission”. My maxim in life.

Anyway enough serious stuff.

What have I learned over the past year blogging?

Nothing, the point is for you to learn from my infinite wisdom (insert evil laugh here)

ha ha ha, just kidding.

I have enjoyed connecting with people, other bloggers and simply like the sharing opinions and life’s little lessons.

There is always lots more to a person than what we see therefore I like blogging, I think my real beliefs are captured here…untainted from the wrongful use of words (by sometimes the offense of people)
People are less likely to react instantly when its written down than spoken. People often tell me that I write so differently to how I am in every day life. I guess my only answer to that is that, they are stuck judging the container and are not bothered about the content.

You will find a common vain in the blog. Time, benefit of the doubt, and depth of character. I am not saying I embody that, simply that I think we tend to judge each other too quickly, by a measure of standards that we ourselves don’t normally live and we simply don’t make the time to really get down to what it is all about.

I hear too many people say I don’t have time, really????? Everybody has enough time, its how you use it…….

Anyway I am getting away from myself here…..

So here I am a 100 posts later, I hope everyone sticks around for the next 100.

There are a few changes in the pipelines, nothing major, just testing a few thing out….

Thank you to all who read my blog and comment I really appreciate it. if there is anything you would like to know, drop a comment I always reply if it needs one.



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  • It has been fun, frustrating and freakingly fantastic (I tried using alot of f words to show it can be used in a good context lol). I’m looking forward to the next 100. Thanks for the journey

  • You know, it’s taken me up to now to notice that your nick says “The Honest One,” all this time I’ve been wondering what a “honestone” (hone-stone) is.

  • Happy 100 posts! I get the same comment about how different I am in my writing than I am in person. I think it’s because, in person, there is always so much else going on. Blogging is personality distilled, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing yours!

  • Congratulations on your 100th post! I love your attitude to life and judging less and having a little more of a ‘live and let live’ mentality is the way the world needs to start moving if you ask me. I smiled at the green capitalist in you πŸ™‚ Ive just started researching green companies to invest my superannuation into (401k to the Americans) so maybe Im a green capitalist too! Thanks for commenting on my blog and I look forward to reading your future posts!

  • Mr Honest One

    I think I prefer reading your honesty than hearing it.

    Over the last while, your blogging has been a real light into what goes on within your heart rather than only your mind. As your friend, I really appreciate that I can get to know the deeper side of Lynley without having to juggle the overwhelmingly sarcastic, generalistic, and tactless gestures of your eccentric personality… πŸ™‚ (Which I might add is a minefield to have to swim through to eventually get to the beauty and truth of your heart.)

    You are truly a unique soul. One that I treasure very much. And your blog is definitely an asset to your life, friendships, and “ministry” (sorry for swearing). It is a platform that brings balance and helps give clarity to the very interesting and powerful thoughts and concepts the Lord has given you to share with the world and church. You are a gift to the body Lynley. One with an important message and function. So keep up the blogging, because it compliments you very well. Almost like a better half would. (And you said you weren’t married… πŸ™‚

    Love you bro. And looking forward to a lifetime of sharing, thinking, engaging and fellowshipping with you in the peaceful and wonderfully infinite cloud of cyberspace.


  • Dylan, the only thing I can say is the fact that, over the year of blogging you would notice that I put a major emphasis on not formulating opinions on simple first impressions.
    The fact that there is depth to almost all things, things are not as they appear and that as a culture we simply do not celebrate truth.
    I am a simple to the point person, you will not find me cutting corners or trying to soften a blow.
    I know that can be rough for some, but which would you rather have in life?

    Someone who talks nicely to you and minds there P’s and Q’s or someone who speaks the truth directly to your face?

    I do not claim to be like Jesus (entirely). But please go read the scriptures where Jesus takes people on. He was not tactful or mindful of stuff He thought was utter nonsense. So I say that not to defend myself, but that people should be more concerned what is on the inside. Whether its difficult to see or not, that is what counts.

    I do not intentionally make it difficult, but that is who I am now, if there is someone who does not like it, well there are +-6 billion in the world…….Need I elaborate ha ha ha.

    Thank you for bothering to take the time to get to know me, but at the same time, if you have difficulty understanding something that I am on about, challenge me.

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