July 11


Belief… We never going to win the war….

John Mayer has a song titled belief. Basically you could sum it up by one line in the chorus. “We are never going to win the war, if belief is what we fighting for”

I tend to agree with him on that one.

On most people’s lips today especially among Christians, we speak about unity among each other. Although if I am honest, I think we mean more among the locals rather than the global.

And for some reason unity equals believing in the same beliefs. I am talking about the practice, since we tend to stay away from people who do not believe as we do, evidenced in how denominations huddle together with their own pet doctrines.

True unity is by accepting diversity and not by forcing uniformity.

We are different and its those differences that make life interesting, yet its like we cannot tolerate that when it comes to beliefs.

Now why do I agree with John Mayer? The song goes on to say “belief is a beautiful armour that makes for the heaviest sword” I guess that means that we use belief as a defense against what or who we really are. Look John Mayer may not have meant all these things deeply, but it sure makes sense.

To win the war of beliefs, one has to look at beliefs frailty. Belief on its own is not really important. Its how that belief gets practiced and if that belief can be practiced.

At any given time there are hundreds if not thousands of beliefs about where we come from or how earth came into being. And to be fair you could believe anything you want here.
We are allowed to believe anything we want right?

But not all beliefs are true and can function in reality. Take for example evolution with its survival of the fittest concept.
An evolutionist has a child and the child is born a slow learner. Do they leave that child by the way side? Do they let the people simply have their way with that child because its “survival of the fittest”?

No they don’t do they. They nurture that child. So evolutionist’s theory is simply that, a theory. It does not work so well in reality.

Yet we all can live in harmony with each other in the larger sense, even though some of us believe strange things which do not work in the real world.

Its when we make, believing the same things a prerequisite to unity and life together, that we run into trouble……….



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