March 16


lists, principles and becoming

Hello everyone.

Do you read books? Or at least walk around in a book store every now and again? I am sure most people have or is currently work at a company, right? I am leading up to a point here…….

Have you ever tried something new, lets for discussion sake say surfing. Now please while there are sharks in the ocean that is good enough reason for me never to put a toe of mine in there. Needless to say this is a hypothetical example. Well, so now you want to surf. Do you go sit in a class and learn to surf by the theory?
Does someone have to give you a ten point process and woo hoo you are now a surfer?

I will pause that example and come back to it later. I simply wanted to get us thinking on how we learn these days. There is no shortage of information, about anything in 2011. Be it a book, dvd, television, google,etc. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has the process or course, or ten pointers (though nowadays its 7 ways to be…….) Yet we still find ourselves lost in the bigger scheme, or even the simple things in life. Real living alludes us because we always trying to get there (wherever that may be, be it better sales, better income, marriage, children, better job, better car, better life)

Its not a bad thing to want to improve and go forward. I am simply asking how do we see that. Do we start by applying a list (like the 7 ways of improving you) or do we apply some principles that worked for someone else.

Today I want to ask, have we stopped looking inside? I can only say this from my life, but I rarely look inside myself. I mean you have to admit it, that life has so many things coming our way these days its had to find a moment and just keep quiet. Its hard to listen, easy to hear the noise, but hard to really listen.
Have you ever heard of a downpouring of the Spirit? I bet you never have, since its always an outpouring. So it comes from within and not from outside. You not going to find and become via a book, though it can help the process, it cannot replace something important, which I think we have lost a bit over time.

That would be impartation. So you want be a surfer (I told you I would come back to the example). The best way is to………….drum roll………spend time with surfers. Ha its not rocket science is it. I think we a bit greekish, with our definitions and bullet points and principles. We have moved away from simple impartation. Simple sharing and exploring together.

Once again I will say that bullet points and principles have there place, but they cannot replace simple impartation. You want to be like Christ, you can read about Him all you want, but nothing will change you more than simply spending time with Him.



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