January 11



Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?

Let me clarify the question. You started something new, let’s say a new job and you were chosen through a long interview process and here you are now. First day and you getting the walk through, but inside it feels like you not good enough. You not quite sure if they were blind or just never had a better option when they took you? If not well no need to read further then hey.

But if you ever felt like a poser, then read on. A large part of most people (myself included) don’t really always think we have what it takes. We constantly second guess ourselves and never really “fit in”. But I think its really sometimes just in our heads, as we always are worried what the next one thinks and because we worry so much about it its almost like we think they can “see through our charade”

P – Person
O – Of
S – Substance
E – Entertaining
R – Rubbish

Well the truth is that we are not supposed to know it all, at least all the time. There are times when we don’t fit in. But that is sometimes because maybe we don’t belong there or that we just need to work through some stuff.

As for the things we don’t know, (and I know some people who did not accept good jobs because of not knowing enough) well who cares really? If they offer take the challenge.
Maybe just maybe the other person sees something you are blind to… Don’t entertain rubbish



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