February 9


Reflections in history…..

I have always wondered if a mirror was a common thing in the lives of people in ancient times. From my searchings, I understand that the mirror was invented or should I say the actual mirror as an object was made around 3000B.C.


So roughly 5000 years we have been able to look at ourselves. Maybe someone can enlighten me as to whether the mirror was a common thing to the average household in those days.
I am guessing that it was not the case…. and that it was mostly royalty and the well off that kept mirrors in the home.

Now I am sure you may be asking why on earth do I care about this at all….. I also wonder that he he he.

My question is, how did people live without being able to see themselves as often as they want? Did they want to?

Another question I often ask myself is, is humanity really advancing? Some of the greatest minds that ever lived, lived in a time without computers, smart phones, electricity, phones, aeroplanes, cars….. I can go on here. And somehow they survived.

We look back and think, how could those people live like that? So primitive? Without cars, phones, microwaves, fridges…. Well they did. And I am sure they were happy. We are strange that way hey. We are blissfully unaware until we become aware. And then its pandora’s box.

You cannot easily give up your creature comforts once you know they exist.

Back to the original thought. It seems to me that we have become fascinated by ourselves. We “see” our reflection too often. We also “look” at ouselves too often. If you can picture a world without the ability to look at yourself. I think we will be a much more accepting and happier bunch. We would need each other. Just a thought… We woud not be able to be so vain to think htat it is all about us, because all we would see is others.

I will leave you with a video by a comedian, if you have time (and data) please watch it. He makes a really valid point.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEY58fiSK8E&w=420&h=315]



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