May 3



So Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Now we have to ask is the world a better place? I for one am not into terrorism, but I sat yesterday and listened as Obama announced to the world that Osama had been killed. Funnily enough there is a rhyme there hey.

It made me think though, its like the world breathed a sigh of relief. Was that one man the reason for all the problems? I guess we had to use him as a scapegoat to make ourselves feel better about ourselves, and justify that hunting someone down and killing them off is better for us.

Maybe it is justice being meted out. I won’t know so I will wait and see how all this pans out. But that is not what I wanted to focus on today. Just seemed weird to me how everyone is rejoicing that someone was hunted and killed. As if it really changes our lives personally here…….

So what I wanted to discuss is choosing a scapegoat for our problems. We also tend to do that sometimes. We think if only we can deal with the one obvious wrong thing in our lives then our life will be perfect. We want to kill the “Osama” in our lives because then we will be ok and free…..

I have come to realise that its the whole picture that counts and not just the big fish. Sure the big things help. “Its the little foxes that spoil the vines”. Its easier to blame the one thing in our lives for all our trouble when really its the combination of it all.

So best to deal with all the small ones and maybe then the big ones won’t be so big…..

Anyway, just my take on it I guess.



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  • Hey bro

    I agree with this. Most of the time, because we do not want to actually deal with the situation or our own stuff, we find a scapegoat to pin it all on. A villain, because we want to remain a victim and so continue reaping the benefits that come from it. There might be some merit to this person being a villain, but to just focus our hatred and anger on that person as a means to escape being real with ourselves actually just puts us in bondage. It traps us in a victim mentality and we never actually get free from our stuff.

    Maybe you could elaborate a bit about how females enjoy making men the scoundrels to escape reality and continue living as a victim and enjoy the benefits of it Mr. relationship guru. I’d like to hear your comments on it.


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