November 28


The Question ….. er….

I wonder why?

I am not sure if you are like me, but everything in life for me is followed by a question. Simply because I need to know more.

Apparently its quite normal for what they term Generation Y. Maybe that’s why I am always wondering “Y”. Although technically speaking I missed that category by a few years. We always need to know the bigger picture. But it tends to be very frustrating for the every day things.
Needless to say it has caused quite a rift between me and some people over the span of my life. People generally do not like to question or even worse, they do not like to be questioned.

I really do not understand that, because when I looked at it, its for the very reason of my questions that I am where I am today. I know the common thing to search for is the answer, but for me its my questions that lead me. My questioning is what has shaped the life I know today.

Most questions in life cannot be answered anyway, and for those that do believe they have all the answers, well what can I say to that…. Well done to you you can die now, you know everything there is to know (just kidding).

Mystery is what runs the wheels of life is it not? Its the pursuit of knowing what makes things tick, that drives people to explore and fuels innovation. Why else would people go diving with cameras in the middle of the ocean (personally I think they mad) and film very dangerous creatures. It makes no sense, yet it is done.

I guess my motto in life is QUESTION ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING”. It might frustrate the people around me, but hey it is what keeps me going. In fact I would go as far as to say that your questions you ask are more important than the answers you find.

What would a world without questions look like?



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  • I’m surrounded by toddlers and preschoolers most of the time. And they ask A LOT of questions. Because they’re new at this life thing, and excited about it, and want to learn more, and don’t fear being judged. Recently, though, instead of answering their questions directly, I’ve responded with a question of my own, and amazing, though-provoking, engaging conversations have been the result. The questions we ask ARE more important than the answers, for sure. The questions are what give the answers flight!

    • In ancient Jewish custom they answered a question with a question. Lets say a teacher asked a student “what is the square root of 9?” the student would then answer it like “what is 2 + 1?”.

      The questions we ask often tell more than the answers we give 🙂

  • I have the habit of asking a lot of questions too, but I top that by always believing I’m right, which is a bad thing! I love to know the actual answer, not so that I can be right just for the sake of it, but because the answers so often prove useful.

    Anyone who rarely questions rarely grows, I think.

    • I think finding the answers is a good thing too, but they don’t shape one’s life like the question itself. Some things remain unanswered yet the pursuit of the answer itself leads our lives to greater places than we normally would of been at.

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